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Preview image of the HU Tech Days
Preview image of the HU Tech Days
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Ultrasonic Tech Days 2024: Create your unique program!

Choose from 17 different workshops and create your individual program for the Ultrasonic TECH DAYS! 

We offer exciting lectures, presentations and live demonstrations in English and German for every industry. Use the opportunity to gain exclusive insights into the work of our ultrasonic laboratories and learn about new solutions with which we can master the challenges and tasks of the future together.

Places are limited, so be quick! 

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Get exclusive insights behind the scenes at Herrmann Ultraschall: from a guided tour of the world's largest ultrasonic campus to work in our sonotrode laboratory and a presentation of our Culture Journey, we invite you to experience Herrmann in a completely new way. 

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Ultrasonic Basics for injection molded parts

  • How to generate ultrasonics
  • Key process parameters 
  • Live ultrasonic lab demonstratiion

Discover the fascinating world of ultrasonic welding with us! Learn the basic principles behind this reliable joining technology: How is ultrasonics generated? How does it create a connection? How can the process be optimized? Our experts will show you how to develop the ideal welding process for injection-molded parts with live demonstrations in the ultrasonic laboratory.


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Joint design guideline for injection molded parts

  • Different joint design variants
  • Which joint design for which requirement
  • Important measurements

The right joint design is crucial to success when two injection-molded parts are to be connected with ultrasonics. However, determining which type is most suitable for specific requirements can be challenging. We provide an overview of the different types of joints and explain how they affect the welding process.


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Material properties and their influences on the ultrasonic welding process

  • Characteristics and composition of various thermoplastic materials
  • Influences of different materials on the ultrasonic welding process
  • Opportunities for pre-development and pre-testing to achieve optimal welding outcomes

Every plastic vibrates differently – and therefore directly influences the ultrasonic welding process. We look closer at plastics' composition and show which are best suited to ultrasonic welding. You will also learn how to use initial welding tests with materials during component development to ensure optimum welding results in later manufacturing.


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Ultrasonics in automated production lines

  • Overview of integrable components and complete systems
  • Integration for usage in production lines and robots
  • Opportunities for process improvement and cycle time reduction

With fast welding times and no need for heating up or cooling down, ultrasonics is tailor-made for automating production processes. We demonstrate which of our systems and components are suitable for integration into automated systems, and how they can be seamlessly incorporated to consistently enhance cycle times and efficiency.


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De- and Re-Bonding by Power Ultrasonics

  • Joining possibilities using power ultrasonics (metal and plastic variants)
  • Joining and separating with one system: parameter study and process analysis
  • Ultrasonics closes the loop: reconsolidation and quality assessment
  • Outlook on current work and the way towards "Circularity Engineering"

A scientific introduction to the topic - Ultrasonic welding as a key technology for joining, separating and reusing hybrid material systems.
What are the opportunities and challenges on the path to circular value creation?


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Utilizing the potential of future packaging regulations

  • Challenges and opportunities presented by the PPWR
  • Best practice examples for successful implementation
  • Analysis: How regulation affects the market

New legislation such as the PPWR offers numerous regulations and important opportunities: innovative materials, new business models and markets can be explored. But what is the real meaning of the PPWR and how can companies prepare for its implementation today? 

Together with expert Matthias Giebel from Berndt + Partner Consultants, we will give you an overview of the most important guidelines in this workshop and show you how ultrasonics as a sustainable technology can help you meet the requirements.


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The advantages of ultrasonics for the packaging industry

  • Brief introduction to ultrasonic sealing
  • Presentation of innovative ultrasonic solutions for packaging
  • Achieving competitive advantages with ultrasonics

Added value and sustainability are no longer mutually exclusive. To thrive in the global arena, integrating both is essential. Thanks to its efficient and safe processes, ultrasonic sealing already meets this requirement for numerous applications. 

In this workshop, you will find out which innovations we can use to make the packaging process more sustainable and for which applications ultrasonic sealing can be used. We also welcome your input in an open discussion: What solutions will you need in your company in the future? What requirements and wishes do you have and, above all, how can we best support you on the way to becoming a valuetainable company? We look forward to your feedback!


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Save costs, energy and resources with ultrasonics

  • Comprehensive overview of potential savings through ultrasonics
  • Case studies and calculation examples
  • REuse, REduce, REcycle: implementing the 3 Rs with ultrasonics

Unlocking maximum efficiency: ultrasonic sealing introduces innovative opportunities for significant savings, enabling substantial reductions in waste, energy consumption, and material usage - even with mono-materials and other challenging materials.

Using practical examples, we will show you the savings attainable through the strategic implementation of our ultrasonic technology while simultaneously helping you achieve your sustainability goals.  


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Developments, innovations & challenges - what direction is the future heading?

  • Live experiments with sustainable materials in the lab
  • Open discussion concerning the future of packaging
  • Share insights on trends and advancements shaping the industry

Let's shape the future together: What will it look like, what materials will it utilize, and what demands must it meet?
In addition to an open exchange about future needs, we look forward to giving you exclusive access into how our ultrasonic laboratories work. Anticipate exciting experiments featuring applications and materials such as paper, stand-up pouches, cardboard, and peelable cups! 

Bonus: We are happy to conduct welding experiments with your materials too! Simply bring your samples to the workshop! 


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Connectivity as a mutual opportunity

  • MICROBOND Connectivity — close to where the value is created - at your site!
  • Experience the MICROBOND Remote Service and recognize the benefits
  • Connectivity — the opportunity to expand our partnership and connect our future

Minimizing downtimes through fast response times — isn't that what we all want? During this workshop, we will demonstrate the MICROBOND G4 Remote Service live and show what the Herrmann solution will look like for you in a continuous, production environment: Easy in its structure, fast in its support, safe in its handling.

Let's discuss what possibilities our connectivity of the future offers in our Nonwovens Lab! At the conclusion of the workshop, we ask you to share your feedback and fill out a short survey so that we can better support your needs.


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The benefits of ultrasonic bonding in the nonwovens industry

  • The benefits of Ultrasonic Bonding: Speed, Quality, OEE
  • Application case studies and welding demonstrations
  • Feedback is a gift: share your opinion with us!

Ultrasonic bonding as a key technology in manufacturing absorbent hygiene products is well known. The continuous bonding of nonwoven / web materials also offers numerous advantages for other products beyond the hygiene market such as filters, medical products, technical textiles and many more. 

During this workshop, you will also be invited to take part in a live welding demonstration of various nonwoven materials hosted by our experts. At the conclusion of the workshop, we ask you to share your feedback and fill out a short survey so that we can better support your needs. 


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From challenge to opportunity

  • Overview: The main drivers behind the megatrend in the nonwovens market
  • Challenges and opportunities on the way to sustainability
  • How our ultrasonic technology is helping to make manufacturing more sustainable

There is no question: the trend towards sustainability is shaping the nonwovens market. But what are the drivers behind the sustainability transformation? What challenges is the nonwovens industry facing - and what opportunities are emerging? Together, we will take a look at what hides behind this megatrend and show you how ultrasonics can help achieve your sustainability goals as a joining technology.

Visit our workshop to find out how you can make your manufacturing process more sustainable with Herrmann as an expert partner. At the conclusion of the workshop, we ask you to share your feedback and fill out a short survey so that we can better support your needs.  


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The great potential of ultrasonic welding in battery production

  • Main applications of ultrasonics in battery production
  • The path to the perfect battery welding process
  • Laboratory session: Welding tests on batteries

Safe, fast, and traceable: Ultrasonic welding appears tailor-made for battery production. But, how can companies unlock their full potential and achieve reject rates nearing zero percent? Through live tests in our ultrasonic laboratory, we showcase which factors to consider when developing the welding solution and where this process can be effectively utilized in battery manufacturing. 


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Key factors for the ideal ultrasonic welding process

  • Benefits and applications in ultrasonic welding of cables
  • The path to the ideal welding process
  • Laboratory session: Welding tests on high-voltage cables

From thin sheets to large high-voltage cables, ultrasonic welding emerges as an innovative joining technology for metals. In our laboratory workshop, we take a look behind the scenes to show you how we develop the ideal welding solution: from material selection to parmeter development to process optimization. 


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Herrmann – behind the scenes

Our journey to a living corporate culture

  • Goal and motivation of our Culture Journey
  • Distinctive features of the Herrmann culture
  • Key factors for successful cultural transformation

How can a standardized corporate culture be ingrained in the DNA of every employee worldwide? Our Culture Journey holds the solution. Along our flywheel, we show what makes the Herrmann culture unique, outline its components, and ensure that it is embodied daily across our worldwide locations, regardless of language barriers and cultures. 


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From the idea to the product

  • Technological challenges
  • Aspects of acoustics, mechanical systems and electrics
  • Practical examples from laboratory work

Acoustics, mechanics, electrics: Herrmann Ultraschall's research and development department has to overcome a wide variety of technological challenges to ensure excellent product and process quality. We present different aspects of this using product and application-specific examples.


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Tour through headquarters production facilities

  • Guided tour of the campus
  • Insights into exciting production areas
  • Background information on the company history

The Ultrasonic TECH DAYS not only provides you with valuable expert knowledge, but also gives you an insight into the structure and organization of the company. Within the scope of a guided tour, the participants are given an impression of various production areas. The tour includes the following departments and topics:

  • Herrmann museum
  • Generator manufacturing
  • Converter manufacturing
  • Sonotrode manufacturing
  • Assembly of series machines and systems


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